Advanced Technical Material

Performance feedback from Russian customer

Three end mills was produced from carbide rods ф20 YG10U

The end mills was used for slot milling

Workpiece materialsteel40Russian national standard GOST 4543-71

Machine Quaser MV 184P

Emd mill parameters

diameter 20mm

Lenght 90mm

work length 28mm

corner radius 0,2mm


overhanging lengt 50mm

Cutting Date

Rev. 1700 rev/ min

Vc 106,7 m/min

Feed per tooth 0,025mm

Feed 170 mm/min

DOC 3mm

Rough milling slot width 45mm depth15mm

Average working time of milling cutters 50 minutes before regrinding (without idle pass of spindle)


1. The testable of end mills was operated stable.

2. The resistance of the test alloy is similar to that of the alloy DK460UF of Guhring ( used in the factory.

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