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Shanghai ATM Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd, is a professional supplier and exporter of tungsten carbide rods, blanks and bars around the world.Now we imported the extrusion production line in China, and also is the one mastered this technology.

In order to keep the product superior quality with stability, we take strict quality control from raw material, processing and inspection before packing.

Depending on our talented engineers and skillful workers, we are keeping up with the most advanced designs of superior quality products,competitive pricing and well organized sub-contract management to satisfy or exceed the needs of our customers by providing supreme quality products, reliable on-time service, and competence for our business partners. Recognized world-wide for quality carbide blanks& rods for a variety of applications. Beyond an extensive product line,We focuses on customer service as a top priority. Working with us, you can expect more.

The classify

1. Solid Carbide Rods

a. Solid Rods 

b. Solid Ground Short Rods with Chamfer(h5/h6)

2. Solid Carbide Rods with Coolant Holes

a. Carbide Rods with Central Coolant Hole

b. Carbide Rods with 2 Straight Coolant Holes

c. Carbide Rods with 2 Helical Coolant Holes( 30°)

d. Carbide Rods with 2 Helical Coolant Holes( 40°)

3. Cemented Carbide Preforms

a. Cemented Carbide Bars & Plates